Nov 14, 2017

Temes de Disseny

Temes de Disseny
Call for papers
Deadline for abstracts November 29

Temes de Disseny (Themes of Design, hereinafter TdD) started in 1986 as one of the first design local journals written in Catalan, Spanish and English. It was created with the goal of being a knowledge transfer channel between design professional, pedagogues and scholars.
Each edition of the journal intends to approach specific topics related to design.

The 34th issue of Temes de Disseny (TdD), which focuses on 'Material interactions in the human-made milieu', aims to bring experts from different disciplines to share their knowledge about designand materials, and how they think these can help us to understand our society and to deal with today’s global challenges.

This new issue of TdD aims to be the first step towards transforming this journal in an open access, peer reviewed, indexed journal that locals and foreign designers can use to share their knowledge at an international level. We call for papers (original journal articles, state-of-art reviews or design case studies) to gather knowledge regarding the following generic topics:

  • materials and knowledge: How can we learn though materials? How can materials generate new knowledge? How can materials be used by students to learn?
  • materials and society: How did material influence our societies and cultures? How will materials influence our communities?
  • materials and language: How do materials affect meaning? How do materials and their properties affect our perception of products that surround us?
  • materials, sustainability and circular economy: How do materials influence our new sustainable business models, such as the circular economy? How important are the materials for the
    sustainability of our future societies?
  • materials and technology: Which are the new and future materials related technologies that will help the innovation driven design processes? How can material and technologies help design
  • materials and design processes: Which are the new methods and theories that mix materials and the design process?

TdD invites researchers and professionals in the field of design, materials and innovation to submit a paper for this special issue that will be published in 2018. In case you aim to publish an article you must send an abstract proposal before 29th November to

More details of the call can be found here: