Mar 1, 2017

Special Issue "Designing for the Body"

Special Issue Designing For The Body, MTI Journal
Submission deadline: 30 October 2017

Embodied approaches to understanding the interweaving of human cognition, perception, affect, and action in the field of human–computer interactions have been embraced over the past decade. There is now more knowledge and support for the value of body and bodily experiences in interactions with technology. This is as much due to the theoretical and epistemological values informed by disciplines that work directly with the body as a source of knowledge, as to the plethora of sensor technologies enabling new forms of interaction and expression grounded in bodily experience and capabilities. However, translating theoretical understandings of embodiment into practical approaches for design is a challenging task. The same holds for first-person tacit knowledge embedded in the body; a somatic or corporeal literacy that requires active fostering by researchers, designers and the people for whom they ultimately aim to create new or improved ways of living.

The focus of this Special Issue is on the innovations, opportunities and challenges of embodied approaches to design and interaction.

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- Embodied design 
- Somatic literacy 
- Somaesthetics of interaction
- Bodily experience 
- Human-computer interaction