Jun 30, 2016

Call for papers

International Journal of Design
Special Issue on Designing for
Wearable and Fashionable Interactions.

Full paper due: 1 November, 2016

Technology and fashion are currently undergoing a unique convergence. This is perhaps most evident in the growing attempts at fashion-oriented designs for smart phones and other wearable technology. From a bigger perspective, we can see that two broad design domains are beginning to mix: the domain of technology, electronics, product and interaction design and the domain of wearables, clothing, textile and fashion design. However, while we can see plenty of examples in the media of products that fall under various labels such as “Fashionable Tech,” “Smart Textiles,” or “Wearable Computing,” we do not see many of these examples actually being worn on the street. Furthermore, we can see many such examples being designed, but few attracting the attention of design researchers.