Nov 2, 2015

PhD research in practice


A symposium for PhD students in the creative arts 21-­22 January 2016 Nottingham Trent University

This symposium will focus on the challenges encountered by researchers / practitioners when conducting and presenting research that involves creative practice. It aspires to be 'field neutral', including work across art, design, media, performance, and writing.

PhDs that involve creative practice present particular challenges that may make themselves evident as knotty questions in the student's mind:

 - What research tradition am I part of – does it have any rules?
 - What precedents can I appeal to in framing my research process?
 - How can I do justice to my experiences in reporting my research?
 - Are there risks in using ideas from other fields?
 - How can I build claims to knowledge from experiences / artefacts / actions?
 - What are valid material forms for my thesis?

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