Oct 29, 2015

Active Textile in Vilnius

The ArcInTex Network meeting on October 12-16, 2015 was held at the Academy of Arts in Vilnius and it was called Active Textile. 

Egle Ganda Bogdaniene and her team presented a very interesting program and the participants could enjoy 4 different workshops during the first three days with a final exhibition. During the two last days of the Network meeting the group went by bus to Kaunas to visit a textilecompany, Omniteksas. The company presented their comprising capacity and production mainly focusing on sportswear. We also had the opportunity to visit the Kaunas Biennale exhibitions taking place in the former Post Office, a closed down textile factory and the Museum of Arts in Kaunas. After an interesting day we had a nice dinner and a royal accommodation at the Panemune castle. Breakfast in the morning and a full day of very interesting conference presentations.

Thank you all for a very interesting and successful week in Vilnius!

Workshop 1 Sound – Image – Structure – Fabric (Audejas)

Workshop 2 Experimenting Textile Integration with Active Components (Jussi Mikkonen)

Workshop 3 The system: Man, Object, Space,

Workshop 4 Building up with Bioplastics

Kaunas Biennale

Conference in Panemune Castle