Oct 8, 2015

Introduction to soft wearables

EURECAT Centre Tecnològic
Introduction to soft wearables
November 17, 2015

Using smart textiles and soft electronic interfaces in wearables opens up the opportunity to engage with wearers’ senses in diverse and subtle ways. A knitted garment, for example, can deform and reform as the body moves and pushes against the fabric. When augmented with smart capabilities, such deformations may be used to sense engagement and trigger events. Other fabrics embody still other capabilities, and afford diverse architectures when formed into clothing. The qualities of interaction made available through these capabilities differ from those that are possible using gadget-style wearables where components and their surrounding architecture are often rigid. The inherent flexibility – of fabric, potential architecture, and parameters of engagement – engender subtle call and response architectures that may not otherwise be enabled. Soft wearables can thus allow us to move away from screen- and device-centric interactions and regain control of our bodies and our surroundings.

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