Mar 3, 2015

Absolut Textile and Lithuanian Textile: From the Sources Into the 21st Century

This exhibition shows the development of Lithuanian textile art and design in the context of Lithuanian state history

Absolute Textile follows the complex path of Lithuanian textile craft and art over the course of history, offering, as it does, compelling images of history rendered in textile pieces. The intent of the exhibition is to give an appraisal of the Lithuanian textile art in the light of social, economic and cultural transformations experienced by the country with the passage of centuries. Lithuania’s fate has always been an ardent pursuit of its statehood, complicated by the ambitious neighbours. Art along that road was always perceived as a significant form of expression of the national and individual identity. The artworks in the collection of Absolute Textile, straightforwardly or by association, evoke the setting and the spirit that influenced vast historical and cultural metamorphoses of Lithuania.

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