Jan 8, 2015

Polly World with App tested

A little update from me, the RHYME-project and Polly, which I presented some smart textile details on, at the ArcInTex Network meeting in Gothenburg.
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Before Christmas we published the anthology «Music, Health, Technology and Design» ( ) with articles documenting some research results from the RHYME-project, along with articles by international researchers in the field of music, technology and health.

Late in November we ended the user test of the Polly World, our 4th Generation of Textile Interactive Environments with APPs ( ), for distributed communication with the interactive furniture at home. This ended a fantastic 5 year journey, working with children, their families, teachers and other personnel. People that we have collaborated with on developing the interactive environments since 2010 ( ).

We now continue testing parts of the Polly World, the wireless plaid (Polly Fire) and banana cushion (Polly Ocean) in Sweden for people with dementia.

Here is a vimeo link to the Polly World with APP