Mar 27, 2014

ArcInTex Network meeting at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden, April 10-14, 2014

The latest ArcInTex Network meeting took place in Gothenburg April  10-14, 2014. Our hosts were Chalmers University and Eva Eriksson and Olof Torgersson organized the meeting. During the first days of the meeting a number of workshops took place:

• Crafting with Electronic Materials, by Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
• Designing Flowcharts using Flowcards I and II, by Jussi Mikkonen,
  Aalto University
• The Obstruction Gam, by Josef Wideström, Interaction Design Chalmers

During Thursday and Friday there was a small conference held with presentations and discussions. A panel discussion on the topic: Future Directions for ArcInTex.
The panel: Lars Hallnäs, Monica Billger, Oscar Tomico, Peter Oakley, Egle Ganda Bogdaniene, Peter Ljungstrand, Sarah Kettley,

Moderator: Olof Torgersson

The Network listened to interesting presentations of :

Peter Ljungstrand Interactive Institue Swedish ICT
Delia Dumitrescu Ph D from The Swedish School of Textiles
Birgitta Cappelen AHO, Norway
Jasmine Idu Lyman, Story Architect/Collaboratory
Sarah Kettley Nottingham Trent University, UK

The meeting was held in the building called KUGGEN at Campus Lindholmen


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