Sep 16, 2019

Open Doctoral Candidate Position

Tecnocampus scientific park Av. de Ernest Lluch, 36, 08302 Mataró (Barcelona province), Spain.
Eurecat. Centre Technològic de Catalunya.

Object of the Doctoral Theses: 

Research of the temperature and heat monitoring of the user via textile wearables and development of the measuring system for the personal energy expenditure monitoring. 


- Study and characterisation of textile materials to work as electronic devices in contact with the human body (design, performance, accuracy, stability, etc.) 

- Design and development of the textile sensors for body temperature and body heat flow monitoring by using textile materials  

- Design and development of the electronic system adapted to control the new textile sensors and data acquisition with filtering 

- Evaluation and characterisation of the sensors integrated into a wearable e-textile solution 

- Development of wireless transceiver to enable the electronic system to communicate with the cloud or Smartphone 

- Publication of the results via scientific articles and conference presentations 


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