Feb 2, 2017

ArcInTex network meeting in Barcelona

In the beginning of December 2016, the ArcInTex network gathered in Barcelona for a network meeting. The theme was Technology-driven industrial development with focus on educational and industrial research within technological developments, and new ways to work with and in textile materials.

During three days, the network members were invited to three different venues each day.

Nov 30: Valorising research. Organisers: ELISAVA, MaterFAD and IaaC. Place: Barcelona
Dec 1: The challenges of explorative production. Organisers: Eurecat and CRTTT. Place: Canet de Mar
Dec 2: Merging textile techniques with other disciplines. Organiser: Eurecat. Place: Mataraó.

-We want this three days to mark a journey from research to realization and how this creates potentials and challenges, Oscar Tomico says.

Oscar Tomico from ELISAVA and Eindhoven University of Technology did together with Karin Marie Hasling from the Design School Kolding plan and organize the network meeting.  

Below, you can see a selection of pictures from the different venues.



MaterFAD in Barcelona - a library of materials. Their object is to facilitate for innovation and industry. 



Guided tour at CRTTT, Eurecat in Canet de Mar outside Barcelona, with hands-on experiences with the testing machinery and production facilities. 



In the evening of November 30, a visit to IaaC - Institute of advanced architecture of Catalonia - took place. There was a guided tour of the facilities and also presentations about the FabLab and about Making Wearables wearable by Elizabeth Bigger and Luis Fraguada.